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Pool Cleaning & Pool Maintenance

It’s time to see what Pool & Spa Etc. can do for you. Call us directly at (817) 641-7946 or fill out our contact form.

Pool and Spa offers full service which includes the following:

  • Weekly testing and balancing of water
  • Emptying skimmer basket
  • Empyting pump baskets
  • Empyting automatic pool cleaner
  • Weekly brushing of pool
  • Cleaning bottom of pool by leaf raking or vacuuming as needed
  • Backwashing as needed
  • Chlorine and basic chemicals are included

Our testimonies:

“I enjoy so much dealing with a company that prides itself on taking care of the customer! They were not going to be happy until I was happy. Thank you for being an honest company run on morals and that truly cares about their customers!” CM

“The staff at Pool & Spa, Etc/Pool and Spa Service are always so friendly and helpful to me. My pool looked like a pond and they helped me turn it back into crystal blue! Their expertise is invaluable!” PL

“I have had such positive experiences with my pool repairs through Pool and Spa Service. They are always courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They get my problem taken care of in a timely and affordable manner.” HH

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